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Creating worlds.


Here's a summary of select projects Forest Games has worked on.

Lost Girl Series and Interactive Motion Comics

Consulting for Bedlam Games, we created the webpage Lost Girl Series.com and created six "Interactive Motion Comics," which are comics books that include interactive elements. Think of it as a comic book that comes to life. My role was to upgrade the site to proper CMS standards using Drupal as well as programming the Flash player and interactive parts of the interactive motion comics.

This project was nominated for a 2011 Gemini Award in the category "Best Cross-Platform Project - Fiction."

Gameplay video:

Neon - A Simple RTS game made in 48 hours

At this year's Global Game Jam, I created a small Real-Time-Strategy game called "Neon." It's the simplest possible RTS, with really only one "building" type and one "unit" type. It features three levels of increasing difficulty, some slick visual effects, computer opponents, and a fantastic soundtrack courtesy of The Silk Demise (http://TheSilkDemise.com).

Check out the gameplay video:

Nom Nom Nom Nom - A Game About Cats Eating Food

Our latest game from Forest Games is a fast-paced, fun game about three hungry cats and one hungry goat dressed as a cat. Using innovative physics, you can manipulate the playing field to your advantage by missing the kibble and causing ripples in the water.

Nom Nom Nom Nom was created by Paul Forest from Forest Games (yours truly), Jamie Tucker (Art), Harry Mack (Audio), Karen Halloran (Voice Talent), and Squirrel Nut Zippers (Music).

Nom Nom Nom Nom is coming soon to iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

Here's a video of an early version of the game.